This is the website of a bike project of two high school friends from Germany to Nepal in 2006. We cycled inspiring 11.500km in 5 months through 14 countries and many cultures.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site. A good starting point is the picture gallery.

Florian and Matthias

PS: In 2009, Florian biked through Ecuador and Peru for a month. Here are some pictures.

Update: Our local newspaper Rheinpfalz had two articles (in German) about the trip, one from the start and one at the end.

Guten Tag! We made it - yes ! - we made it! Kathmandu is ours! Thinking about the past months on the last kms was really impossible due to damn crazy traffic: People standing on racing buses, cows laying in the middle of the road, permanent honking...

At the end of the day we were able to buy all this western stuff - pizza, baccardi cola, burgers. We didn't consume little. Time passed quickly and suddenly we found ourselves on the road to the airport. While stopping in Bahrain it felt like a flash back to the Muslim world with all its burkas, we hate them so much. After fixing Matthias' third flat at the airport in Frankfurt we emptied the bakery in Gross-Gerau. And then, it was over: The last kilometer - done. We made it.

We thank the thousands of people along the road - our hosts, the waving children, our open conversational partners (we learned so much!). Special thanks to our biking partners: Remi, Ben, Kate, Mel, Alisha, Alkhoven, and Osa - you guys made our trip even more unforgetable! We miss you already. Also, we thank all the people who thought of us, supported us with good wishes, and had the right words at the right times. Finally, we thank each other for good cooperation during the good and bad times.

REMINDER! Our parties in Friedelsheim and Munich are approaching and there are still seats left. Sign up now!

Pictures from the last weeks will be online soon. Check out again after the parties.

Matthias and Florian

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Current location: Friedelsheim (Germany) (August 11th, 2006)
Morale & Mood Barometer: 8 / 10 (Back home, trip over.)

Ni Hao from Tibet! After many days of nothing but awesome nature we made it to Ali, our oasis - at least concerning food supplies. Since our way to here is impossible to describe with words we uploaded some pictures.
Our crew changed a bit: Alko and Alisha, our Dutch and American companions, stayed in Xinjiang, but Osa from Japan joined us on the road.
We had a hard time to convience the owner of a truck not to turn of the power after the 90 minutes draw between Germany and Argentina during the quarter final of the world cup!
Tomorrow we attack the last episode of this adventure: Mostly alone on our way to climb Himalaya we will pass Mt. Kailash, the holiest mountain in Asia.

Our plane arrives in Frankfurt August 10th at 6:40. Anybody willing to accompany us the 90 km to Friedelsheim is warmly welcomed.

Also a warm invitation to our BACK-HOME-STILL-ALIVE-PARTIES! You can choose between
1. August 13th (Sunday), 16:30 at Matthias' home (Maximilianstr. 7, 67159 Friedelsheim, Germany).
We will have our long missed BBQ with good meat without bones and big pieces of fat. Also a little presentation with pictures from this trip.

2. August 18th (Friday), 18:30 in Munich (Studentenwohnheim "Deutsche Busre", Friedrichstrasse 34, 80801 Muenchen). All the good things of this world will be there including pictures, stories, Chinese rice wine ...

Everybody is welcome! If you come just bring yourself and please send a short e-mail to either or . Hope to hear from you!

Matthias and Florian
News: (June 17th, 2006)
Hello from China! We finally made it over the mountains to enter China in time. After two days of rest we leave for Tibet with 1 guy and 2 girls from Canada, an American girl, and a Dutch in one hour. Our route is Ali - Mt. Kailash - Kathmandu.
We dived into the awesome variety of Chinese food (VEGETABLES, FRUITS, GOOD meat, real coffee,...) after bread and water in the middle of nowhere. Availability of internet resources in Tibet is not clear to us, especially due to undercover living in the by the Chinese police controlled area. So goodbye until next time (whenever this is). Matthias and Florian

And, by the way, you find some new pictures from Central Asia in the Pictures Section.
News: (June 5th, 2006)
Still alive and happy. We dived in to ancient Silk Road times in Bukhara and Samarqand, negotiated for camel drums on colorful bazars and drank vodka in 4 and 5 star hotels. After some thousands of kilometers of flatness we took another 2200 pass to Fergana Valley. We will enter Kirgistan tomorrow at noon to head for Tourgart pass (3800 m) - the most beautiful road to Central Asia (according to the Lonely Planet). We should be in Kashgar (China) around June 15th. Goodbye until then.