Pictures Section - Bulgaria, Turkey

Our first hosts in the desert of Turkmenistan.

Survival tour through the desert.

Noon in a little desert village.

Sunrise after night run. The only way to escape the heat.

Welcome to Bukhara! Oriental flair alive.

Matthias: "We just wanted to have some snack. But the laid down a whole animal!"

Friends along the road to Samarqand.

Registan in Samarqand. Almost straight.

Central Asia is full of them.

Our very special dish: Noodles.

Never the first to get up.

Little children on a donkey.

Kirgyzian bazar. They sell...

... meat and cosmetics side by side.

Opening game (4:2 !!), birthday party and bottles of vodka in a host family in Kirgyzystan.

Nomads in the mountains.

Local bazar: They only sell food and clothes.

Florian's birthday party.

Local hiking group in lonely valley.

They told us to come from Mekka.

Main road from Central Asia to China (true!).

First socializing in China.

Susanna from England rides from Hong Kong back home.