Pictures Section - Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary

Part of the Serbian sixth grade from the story and me. One of my favorite pictures.

At first I was laughing about it ...

... but only for a couple of minutes.

Sometimes I really had a hard time just passing by.

Now I think about the German way of washing out yogurt packs a little differently.

Sometimes I really had a hard time just passing by.

A silent spot somewhere along the Danube in Serbia.

They invited me to beer and cola ...

... and showed me the pig they slaugthered that morning.

Just another beautiful spot.

Some people just cannot get enough.

21 tunnels in a row - nothing more.

Magic mountains...

... and magic sunsets.

I didn't expect the cyrillic signs to start that early.

Almost handmade bricks are produced here.

Serbian market in a small city.

Sometimes the world is really simple.

Vali and Cami, two Romanians I met on the ferry to Romania.

In most places in Rumania which I passed there were five times more vehicles like these two than cars.

In Rumania, Bulgaria, and Turkey we saw more than 100 storks.

Florina was joking that her friend only has two teeth left while she has three.

This family refilled my water which they pumped out of the ground.

Last sunset in Rumania.