Pictures Section - China, Nepal

Kate and Mel eating Zampa (roasted barley, milk, salt and the famous yak butter tea).

Opposite side inside a Tibetian house.

Carved yak horns with prayers.

First glimpse of the holy mountain Mt. Kailash.

Hardcore buddhists cover the whole length of the kora (55 km path around the mountain) with their bodies. It takes 2 weeks.

Holy see Manasarovar with 7728m Garla Mandhata mountain in the back. Heinrich Harrer said: "One of the most beautiful spots in the world."

Guests again.

Sand dunes and monsoon clouds.

Colorful furniture is very typical inside Tibetian houses.

The day before we read online: July was the warmest month in Germany ever.

Another good morning team at our camp site.

This Tibetian woman and her two children live from what is left in the Chinese garbage.

Our last home stay.

Goodbye Tibet! Last 5000m+ pass. A crazy 4500m downhill ahead. World record...

Rice fields and trees again after 6 weeks.

Main road from Nepal to Tibet.

The dream is almost over.

India is close.

Children carrying a heavy load.

In Kathmandu on our way to the airport.

And then it was over.