Pictures Section - Turkey, Iran

Little Grand Canyon in Eastern Turkey.

Stop at some primary school.

Breaking for food and the view.

Hail remains.

Poor Curdish village.

Another one.

5137 m high Mount Ararat covered in clouds. According to the Bible the place where Noah rested with his Ark after the Great Flood.

Remi gets ready for the rain.

Confusing Farsi.

Just another one.

Women at work.

Feel it?


Hard times.

Hard times 5 km later.

Around the Caspian Sea there many, many rice fields.

Me selling fish in Eastern Iran.

Invitation for tea.

The young mother wanted to give the baby to Remi.

Time to leave. One of the deepest moments of this trip.

Guests of Bahram and his family in Tabriz.

I just wanted to buy a bottle of water.

Warm welcome and warm sheep milk with these herdsmen.

My first visit at a barber.

Ali, his "uncle"'s family and me.

Drinking tea in Rasht.