Pictures Section - Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary

My stuff.

Time tooooo say goooooodbye...

Second morning in Landshut (Germany) at Aida's home.

The weather was giving me a hard time...

... lots of snow and rain during the first days.

The Danube valley was truely beautiful.

The Hauptplatz in Linz (Austria) where I met with Doris who invited me.

Castle on the Danube.


The Habsburg people in Vienna.

Steffl, my bike, and me in Vienna.

30 kinds of vinegar on Naschmarkt in Vienna.

New and old in Bratislava (Slovakia).

The dormitory in Bratislava where I spent a crazy time (wait for the stories).

Lonely in the middle of nowhere in the backcountry in Slovakia.

Bus stop in a small village (Slovakia).

Some times are never over. I see hundreds of them each day in Hungary.

Budapest! My first major destination.

Sunset after a long day (Hungary).


First night in my tent at 6 am. I love my sleeping bag!

Farm house in southern Hungary.

He told me (in Hungarian) that he has been doing this since he was a child.

Zsolt, a cousin of Stefania, and his girlfriend Moni offered me a great poker evening and a soft bed in Budapest.