Pictures Section - China

Ken from Canada. 20 years on the road.

Our crew! Matthias, Eelco (Dutch), Alisha (US), Ben (Canada), Florian, Mel (Canada), Kate (Canada).

Market in Kashgar.

Break on the way to Yecheng.

First of nine passes of the highest road in the world (Yecheng - Ali, 1100 km).

Our last breaths on asphalt.

"Eat it!" - We kindly refused.

Little headache, short breath - great to be up 4930 m for the first time!


Smoky and friendly invitation for dinner.

Chinese spirit.

Patching a flat - very interesting.

Main street of Xaidulla, first town after 200 km.

Behind the scenes.

Uyghur child.


Television report for Chinese biggest channel CCTV1.

Chinese doctors are interested in Western blood pressure.

Happy camper.

High up: 5160 m together with Osa from Japan (right).

Spending a night at a Chinese army base camp.

End of a long day.

Great plains.

End of a long day (2).

Find the tents!

Wild yaks.

First Tibetian town.

Tibetian woman.

Highest pass on highest road - 5400 m.

10.000 km - mostly a wonderful time!

On and on and on...

We had almost forgotten about this color.

First shower for 19 days...

... a real pleasure!

A typical backyard: Oil barrels, empty plastic bottles and spreaded animal legs. No joke!!


Home of one of our hosts.

Just beautiful.

Biking in Command & Conquer Land.

India in the back.

Partly rebuild Tibetian monastary. You can feel the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

Exploring faith.

One sign - many meanings.

We'd better have had a permit. (Don't worry - just our hotel.)