Pictures Section - Bulgaria, Turkey

Strong as always.

First German "tourists" at the Black Sea.

Stayed the night in our sleeping bags at the beach.

Bulgarian folklore in Burgas.

Our welcome committee in Bulgaria.

Time travel. (Turkish farming village far away from everything.)

Same village. Minarets are really everywhere.

Hard times on our way to Kathmandu.

One of our lunch guests.

Mosque in the hilly suburbs of Istanbul.

Istanbul! - The first milestone.

Matthias and Florian meeting at the airport in Varna (Bulgaria).

Lunch break - eat, watch and relax.

Watching at the beautiful scenery in Burgas.

One of the 100 invitations to turkish šay.

Street in the inner city of Istanbul.

Blue mosque (camii) in Istanbul, one of the must-have-seens.

Bridge between Europe and Asia.

Florian on the road.

No equipment is unnecessary.

Biking from coast to coast in one day (Mediterranean Sea - Black Sea)

Camping in sandy places.

3000 kilometers and still not tired.

Cave in which Hercules once lived (according to a legend).

Small village at the Black Sea coast.

Beautiful and empty road along the Black Sea.

Foggy road to Kathmandu.

We are not always the slowest.

Moon rise.

Camping in the moon light.

Perfect spot to have lunch.

Turkish children.

Meaty showcase.

Small school near Samsun.