Ecuador and Peru

Equipment Section

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Type Name Weight Purpose Comment
Bike Koga Miyata Worldtraveller 15700 Somewhat essential
Triathlon attachment 450 2-5 km/m speed up
Driving mirror 450 To view the wonderful places I just passed

Bags and Spare Parts

Type Name Weight Purpose Comment
Handle bar bag Ortlieb Ultime 4 M Plus 690 For photo equipment and some other basic stuff
Front bags Ortlieb Frontroller Plus 1400
Back bags Ortlieb Backroller Plus 1550
Kitbag Ortlieb Backroller Plus 1550
Spare parts Repair kit,inner tube,cycle tyre (Marathon Schwalbe XR), tools, 4 brake pads, 1 break string,
1 gear string, 2 spokes, oil, cable tie(good for everything)


Type Name Weight Purpose Comment
Tent North Face Particle 13 1880 My home (beside my bike)
Footprint North Face Footprint Particle 320 To increase the life time of the tent.
Sleeping bag Deuter Moonshine 750 / Yeti 750 1400
Inlay Silk Inlay
Air-Pillow Mammut (blow-up) 140 g I can't sleep without a pillow Very small and light, but also very comfortable!!
Mattress Therm-a-Rest Prolite 4 680
Cooking MSR Whisperlight with 1l gasoline bottle,
3l pot, plastic plate, fork, knife, spoon,
2 lighters, dish liquid,


Type Name Weight Purpose Comment
Trousers 2 short, 1 long pair of cycling trousers,
1 pair of long ordinary trousers,
1 pair of rain trousers
Socks 1 pair of warm, 2 pairs of thin s.
Shorts 2 Shorts
Undershirt 1 multifunctional Keeps me warm and cold depending on ...
Shirt 1 bike tricot, 1 ordinary shirt, 1 fleece
Jacket 2 (wind(Gore Bike Wear), wind & rain), 1 hood
Gloves 2 (one pair of warm, one pair of summer g.)
Headband 1 Great! So light, you don't feel it, put keeps your ears very warm.
Shoes 1 pair of cycling shoes, 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of anti-rain overshoes When it's getting cold I use the anti-rain overshoes on top.
Helmet Alpina I think there are a lot of reasons to wear a helmet. Bad roads, crazy truckdrivers...


Type Name Weight Purpose Comment
Sun Protectřon sun cream 25, lipstick with uv-protection, sunglasses
Drugs general antibiotic, Aspirin, Voltaren,Fenistigel, Autan, plaster, first-aid-kit, sterile canula, ticks foreceps, ...
Navigation watch with compass & altimeter included (Casio)
Light forehead halogen lamp (Petzl tikka plus)